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#9 Corporate deployment paper and plan accepted Mike Dewhirst enhancement low 3.x
#7 2FA - Two Factor Authentication accepted Mike Dewhirst task medium 1.x
#62 Monitor the Rotterdam convention for re-importing assigned task medium 1.x
#67 Process HCIS update from SWA notified on 5 Sep 2023 assigned task medium 1.x
#68 Update ECHA information assigned task medium 1.x
#70 AICIS Rules proposed changes and draft exposure assigned task medium 1.x
#75 Segregate the different circumstances of Exempted for the AICIS Annual Report assigned task medium 1.x
#77 Progress bar for the bulk import and listing status report assigned task medium 1.x
#78 Subscription payment system for Listed chemicals monitoring assigned task medium 1.x
#86 AICIS additions to their High Hazards list of chemicals assigned task medium 1.x
#90 Environment and health exposure volume calculations assigned task medium 2.x
#92 Written undertaking relaxation for Listed chemicals/blends - Subsection 46(1) assigned Mike Dewhirst task medium 2.x
#93 Chemical information holder when introducer does not know assigned enhancement medium 2.x
#94 Manufactured soap assigned enhancement medium 2.x
#95 Flavour or fragrance blend introductions assigned enhancement medium 2.x
#96 Controlled use circumstances for Health band 1 assigned enhancement medium 2.x
#97 Designated fluorinated chemicals assigned task medium 2.x
#98 Australian PBT criteria assigned enhancement medium 2.x
#100 Esters and salts in April 2024 assigned enhancement medium 2.x
#101 Rework skin sensitivity test results required per Guidelines 6.14.2 assigned enhancement medium 2.x
#102 Rework skin irritation to restrict the in vitro study results to exposure bands 3 or 4 new enhancement medium 2.x
#103 New list of High-Hazard chemicals to be processed assigned task medium 2.x
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